Client Support Solutions: Helping Organizations Improve the Employee Experience

No matter what technology organizations choose to meet their engagement challenges, they need a true and caring partner that’s willing to help them with strategy, implementation and ongoing support. We offer support across five different areas.


We believe that great technology should — as much as possible — embed our expertise. We know that well-designed software will create a better employee experience and facilitate engagement. We focus on client services and success.

Client Services: We support our clients’ employees by answering their questions about products and shipping, and troubleshooting other issues. We also help them with order fulfillment questions or any other service components of your programs.

Client Success: We provide clients with a consultative approach through our Client Success team, which is made up of experienced Subject Matter Practitioners™ (SMPs). Not only are our SMPs experts in the field, but they understand the real-life challenges and business issues that our clients face. We are a trusted partner to our many clients.

An Inspirus Story: Ease and Efficiency and the Employee Experience

Maya finds out that working with a true and caring partner means working with subject matter experts who make her experience with the platform easier.

Maya is working with Inspirus to get a rewards and recognition program up and running for her company. From the very beginning, she was approached by friendly and helpful Inspirus employees who wanted to make the implementation process as smooth as possible. Inspirus provided Maya with a consultative approach through the Client Success team, which was made up of experienced Subject Matter Practitioners™ who understand her company’s challenges and business issues. After an effortless implementation process, Maya was thrilled that the platform was focused on the user experience and how easy it was to navigate and send recognition to co-workers.


The best technology doesn’t work if your employees aren’t aware of the benefits or are unmotivated to take action. That’s where our client success team comes in. They can help organizations:

  • Create a plan to communicate new programs or events within the engagement platform
  • Craft announcements and drive employee participation — for launching a new program and for ongoing support
  • Monitor the response and make adjustments to your communications, so your organization can maximize engagement across all of the programs

Communication is one of the key drivers of program success, which ties back to employee performance and business results. We are committed to helping our clients create and implement communication plans.


Crafting emblematic and commemorative awards is part of our heritage and legacy. We’ve kept up with changes in manufacturing and our industry over the years and continue to use new methods and materials to create memorable experiences for your employees. Our awards remain meaningful and important to our clients. We continue to craft and deliver these commemorative pieces from our headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, in an environmentally, economically, and socially responsible way.

Surveys and Assessments

Collect information and get a pulse for your organization with surveys.

Using questions developed by us or your own internal team, you can understand what matters to your employees — and what doesn’t. It’s easy to implement and simple to roll out, unlike traditional paper-based employee surveys.

Reporting and Analytics

Analytics help your organization recognize what is and isn’t working to ensure that you’re investing the right resources for your programs and your people to be successful while maximizing results.

Our reporting tools collect information from your employee engagement platform, so you’re collecting all the pieces of data you need to make decisions at the pace of your business.

Bringing It Together

Your organization’s success is the most important thing to us. The combination of innovative technology and impassioned service is a formula that’s worked for us throughout the years. Read on to learn about some of our results.