An Overview: The Inspirus Employee Engagement Platform and Our Approach to the Employee Experience

The Inspirus Employee Engagement Platform is the first comprehensive and global employee engagement technology on the market. We cover the employee experience with a single cohesive solution.

At the center of the platform is the employee experience. It’s the combination of all of these factors that are essential to the development of strong, high-performing organizations.

One of the most powerful drivers of engagement, recognition surrounds the employee experience with unique programs based on an organization’s culture.

Employees learn where and when they want with our learning solution that combines micro-learning with a game-based approach to retention.

Continuous and intentional communication is a key aspect of making sure every employee understands their value and their impact on an organization.

Employees can have an intuitive shopping experience with customized awards that are unique to every organization, and global fulfillment strengthens the experience companies give each employee.

Attract candidates that fit your organization’s values and needs. Help them understand what it means to be an employee at the organization.

Get new hires up to speed quickly on all of the areas that can positively impact their employee experience with the organization.

Allowing employees to continually learn and challenge themselves is an important part of development and growth, while enhancing the employee experience.

Employees have an array of options to formally or informally recognize the day-to-day efforts that make an organization thrive.

Employees have visibility into company activities and managers can recognize people for participating in service projects and community events.

Encourage a safer workplace and lower injury rates by fostering desired behaviors through recognition and micro-learning which makes learning fun and memorable.

A nutrition-based wellness solution that pairs technology and services to deliver a people-first approach to managing employee health and well-being.

Motivate key contributors beyond compensation with an experience that is meaningful and specific to each employee.

Acknowledge important service anniversaries, retirement and life events with personalized awards that convey your appreciation.

The individual elements are foundational pieces that work together to engage people, increase performance and drive business results — creating an ideal employee experience for all. Here’s an overview of each fundamental component of the platform.


Recognition is one of the most powerful drivers of engagement, and that’s why we combine many different types of recognition in our platform.

  • Service Anniversary Milestone: A special time to reflect on an employee’s achievements. We create a unique, personal experience with custom recognition and awards.
  • Day-to-day Recognition: Peers and managers have the opportunity to recognize hard work and dedication to company values, as well as life events like birthdays, welcome to the team and congratulations. This type of recognition helps build a community and encourage social interaction that can be missing from other programs.

Employees will be able to:

  • View their point balance and see recognition they have received from co-workers and managers
  • Receive notifications when they complete courses

An Inspirus Story: Recognition and the Employee Experience

Evelyn’s hard work is recognized with a solution that takes into account her company’s unique culture and being part of a multigenerational, diverse workplace.

While working on a project, Evelyn encountered several problems and handled them all in a professional manner while still meeting the deadline. Her honesty and integrity throughout the project impressed her peers so much that they used the company’s recognition program to nominate her for striving to live by the company’s values. She was given praise and was also awarded points that she could use to shop in the Universal Rewards Mall.


Safety is an incredibly important part of the employee experience, and encouraging safe behaviors and readiness is critical to ensure a better workplace. Our platform encourages safety by:

  • Teaching safety proactively, using learning techniques that actually stick with employees
  • Recognizing and rewarding safe behaviors and preventive measures

An Inspirus Story: Physical Environment and the Employee Experience

William receives a special reward for helping make his workplace a safer place to be.

William participated in a company-wide initiative to learn CPR in order to create a safer work environment. Not only did he attend hands-on training courses at work, William also took online micro-learning safety courses that coincided with the classroom training. These short, five-minute courses could be taken anytime and anywhere, and reinforced what he had learned in class. After completing his in-class and online training, William received his CPR certification. His company then presented him with a congratulatory e-card and a special gift to show their appreciation.


Getting involved in the community creates an enormous sense of connection among employees. It associates the good work your employees do every day with the work they’re doing in their community. Our technology provides the ability to:

  • Automatically show alerts and invitations to company events and allows employees to sync events with their calendar
  • Use custom QR codes to learn more about the event and help keep track of attendance at events

An Inspirus Story: Social Interaction and the Employee Experience

Follow Raúl’s journey to connect to a higher purpose, get acquainted with his new co-workers, and give back to his community.

Raúl didn’t feel connected to the company he previously worked for. He wanted a higher purpose, so he changed companies to start a new position. Right away, Raúl was greeted with smiles from his co-workers and he immediately felt valued. His new teammates presented him with “welcome aboard” e-cards and a welcome packet. Raúl then knew that he was right where he wanted to be. He feels a strong sense of community at his new job. He was even invited to join his co-workers on a Habitat for Humanity build where he helped build a house for a deserving family. For Raúl, every day is now filled with positive experiences and opportunities for getting involved in his community.


Learning is such an important part of engagement, and we’re excited to include it as an integral part of the engagement platform. It works in conjunction with the rest of your learning technologies to enhance the employee experience and keep people engaged.

Our focus is on micro-learning — short bursts of five to ten minutes of learning that allow employees to learn on the go — how, when and where they want. More important, this type of learning helps employees retain more knowledge. Combined with an optional game-based component, micro-learning gives employees a fun and effective way to learn.

Learning is part of our platform and it complements formal learning programs, giving organizations and their employees an easy and fun way to learn. It’s easy to stay in compliance with our built-in compensation reports to keep up with the time hourly employees spend on learning. If you want to find out more about how learning is changing, read our blog posts about micro-learning and compensating for training.

An Inspirus Story: Personal Growth and the Employee Experience

Jenna and Bill team up to understand a new technical challenge with innovative micro-learning.

Jenna and Bill were assigned a new project that requires extensive technical skills training. On their own time, both were able to take online micro-learning training courses through Inspirus Learning. They could then reinforce the content they learned through a game-based approach. Within two weeks, Jenna and Bill have been trained on the subjects and are ready to begin the project.

Performance Incentives

With performance incentives, employers can motivate key contributors. It’s not just about compensation, it’s about giving employees an experience that’s meaningful and specific to them. One-size-fits-all systems don’t work — after all, everyone is motivated differently.

We take this to heart with performance incentives built into everything else our platform offers. When it’s time to be rewarded, shopping through the Universal Rewards Mall™ gives employees the ultimate award choice, from gift cards and lifestyle products to travel and events.

Health and Well-being

Healthier employees are shown to be more engaged and perform better than their peers. This is why we have included wellness in our platform.

Employees will benefit from exciting challenges and changed habits — creating an employee experience that goes beyond the walls of work.

Organizations can tie health and well-being to learning and use recognition to drive higher employee participation rates, increased workforce engagement and better organizational performance.

An Inspirus Story: Personal Well-being and the Employee Experience

Wayne is stressed at work and is concerned about his recent weight gain, so he decides to try Inspirus Health and Well-being.

Wayne downloads the Inspirus app and is surprised how easy it is to get connected. He is prompted to choose a program and decides stress management is right for him. After browsing 20 coach profiles, he selects an appointment with Mary. The behavioral insights Mary provided during the virtual one-on-one session were very helpful. Two weeks after registering, Wayne has already earned 250 points for meeting with his coach and developing his own plan. Mary even sent him an e-card recognizing him for his accomplishments. Wayne appreciates Mary’s knowledge about the health and well-being offerings Inspirus has and that she provides meaningful navigation to the courses that will help him make healthier choices.

Global Rewards

Employees have the opportunity to use the Universal Rewards Mall™. It’s an intuitive shopping and checkout experience that can include anything from custom rewards, travel experiences, lifestyle products, a full assortment of gift cards and so much more.

Our team here at Inspirus works with the customer to ensure that we meet your unique needs.

A Complete Platform to Improve the Employee Experience

The Inspirus Employee Engagement Platform is a one-of-a-kind offering in our industry.

  • It brings together all the engaging technologies that an organization needs through a single platform.
  • It works together seamlessly for employees, managers, executive leaders and administrators.
  • It’s designed for how employees work today, with a mobile app that creates an engaging experience.

We know that purchasing and implementing technology can be challenging. You need services, support, communication and reporting infrastructure to make it all work.